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Monday, December 09, 2019
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Hi All!

Thanks so much for visiting my website and wanting to get to know myself and my photography a little more! With all professional stand points aside, I want to use this section to write as me. I'm going to speak from the heart, make it meaningful, and real. I'm sure with some major grammar errors that you can make fun of me for later on. 

This is me, Casey, born and raised from Colonie, NY. For someone that grew up wanting to live as far west as possible, I've found myself just a few miles north in Ballston Lake. Here I am raising my own two kids, Christopher & Ellie, with my husband, my rock, Dave. If I'm not doing what I love, I'm with the one's I love. Or you can find me at Target. I love me some Target.


Although I was that little girl that had a camera and pretended to have my own black room for play (where I quickly learned if you put developed pictures in water, it will ruin them, not develop them), I can't say that's how I found myself finding a career in photography. I had my son at a very young age and while being a mom, a wife, and working, it was hard to find time for myself. I know all the moms out there can totally relate and are saying "preach it girl!". So I asked my husband for some guidance in a hobby I could pick up, and the first thing he Let's just say I listened and went out the next day, with my little point and shoot camera, and went to town. I found it fascinating how what I could see in front of me could become a work of art and started seeing things differently. An artist I've never considered myself, and still have trouble considering myself to be artistic, but photography was and is a great way to express myself and the world around me. I knew back in school, when career day rolled around and I had to put something down on that paper, that I wanted to help people. No specifics, but help in some way.  I can honestly say, that's exactly what I'm doing. I help people by capturing their beautiful moments to have and hold close forever.

Seeing the world.

I have my two hearts, my babies, to thank for the way I capture. They have taught me so much in life and the way to see it. In the beginning, I haven't always known my style in photography, but when it was time to put these two in front of the camera, it came clear to me. Being a mom, I want to look back on those moments that are real, genuine, and unscripted. None of those struggled, forced poses, because us moms know that they aren't always the ones that turn out to be the pretty ones we've dreamt of. Real moments are even prettier. Where the imperfect times becomes the perfect photos. Those are my favorite photos. The ones I know I will be grateful for having those moments frozen in time. 

The beginning.
Aside from the endless amount of times putting my son in front of the camera, I officially started Casey MacKenzie Photography in October of 2011. I remember the excitement I felt booking my first session. A mother with her two girls. Butterflies swarmed my stomach as I pulled up to the park, as I asked myself, "what in the world am I doing?". I was about to take photos of other people for the first time. Where would I start? What would I look for? Did I know what settings I'd use? I'll never forget that session and am thankful for those who helped me explore and allow me to develop into the photographer I am today. The image below is from that first session. And the rest, well, is history.

They say do what you love, and love what you do. You don't work a day in your life when you're doing what you love. Photography is my love. There's never a session, a wedding, a moment, that I don't put that love into. The world and the people in it are beautiful. It's all how you see it. 



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